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Smarter disruption is key.

83 Elephants believes that working smarter is key. Human traffickers always seem to be one step ahead of current anti-trafficking efforts. What if we can change that? Well, we can but first, we must be willing to address the elephants in the room.

Traffickers count on anti-trafficking experts to fail to implement laws, create effective legislation, become bogged down in bureaucratic red tape, or fail to put in place reliable and seamless social services for victims and survivors. As anti-trafficking professionals, we can do better. We must!

To rethink how anti-trafficking experts create better and smarter disruptive tactics, 83 Elephants, LLC was founded. We are aware of the various groups making excellent headway in the fight against human trafficking, but we also understand that operating in separate professional silos may occasionally lead to avoidable stagnation, misunderstandings, resource constraints, and—most importantly—frustration.

83 Elephants helps organizations create smarter disruption by leveraging their individual and collective strengths to develop more sound, common sense, and streamlined collaborations and best practices.

The maximization of resources is a core focus of 83 Elephants. Even though the tasks seem never-ending and resources are frequently scarce, especially in government, 83 Elephants' experts assist organizations in leveraging their resources.

Good isn't good enough for us. To assist customers in achieving their goals, improve society, and increase the prosperity of our communities, we strive to be the best at everything we do. This motivation underpins our devotion and humanity, which permeate each and every one of our deeds.

Together, we can reimagine how trafficking is disrupted and put it into to practice.

what we offer

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83 Elephants' anti-trafficking trainings are detailed yet customizable. We specialize in training law enforcement, regulatory agencies, non-profits, and many more entities fighting against human trafficking.

Always leading with victim-centered & trauma-informed techniques our trainings are designed to meet your organization's needs.

We provide the curriculum and facilitation expertise that best fit your organization’s needs. Starting with a thorough needs assessment, we collaborate with you and your staff to develop an educational agenda that builds the competencies necessary for your organization’s future success.

Coaching and Consulting

Let us point your organization in the right direction, regarding anti-human trafficking efforts. We utilize a mix of foresight and insight to steer organizations in the right direction regarding human trafficking disruption.

83 Elephants combines traditional consulting and traditional coaching, hence, "coachsulting", to open your team up to a holistic approach to combating trafficking.

If your organization is looking to form an anti-traficking unit, we can help with that too.

Document Review & Creation

Can your documents, use an overhaul or thoughtful input? 83 Elephants is ready to review your organization's policies, SOPs, forms and other documents and suggest updated revisions and verbiage.

Sometimes, what looks good on paper doesn't always translate in real-world situations. Let us help your team develop up-to-date documents or just refresh them using our "fresh-eyes" approach .

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They say, two minds are better than one. We agree! So, let's get together and figure things out!

Our highly engaging and interactive, fun, inspirational, and effective workshops help organizations communicate and collaborate better and break down silos often worked in, which do more harm than good.

The workshops, which are also customizable, are designed to help organizations gain insight and build a plan(s) to focus on working smarter to disrupt human trafficking through thoughtful collaboration.

Community Outreach & Awareness

Let us help you make meaningful impact through our reach and teach programs.

Here at 83 Elephants, we believe that communities are the first line of defense. We teach communities about human trafficking, how to respond to it, and the best ways to fight it.

So, if your school, church, trucking company, friend group, etc. want to learn more about human trafficking, give us a call.

Speaking Engagements

Looking for your next dynamic speaker at one of your anti-trafficking events? We've got you covered!

Book one of our anti-trafficking specialists to come speak at your next seminar or conference; online or in-person.

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"I run an I.T. business and never thought that I.T. played a significant role in human trafficking until we were introduced to Raey. She showed us how we could use technology in our own business to help stop human trafficking. It is now a part of our mission."

B.i.t. global, llc, Austin, TX

"Raey Carswell's professionalism and the way she treated human trafficking victims was awe-inspiring to watch. The way she briefed my team was thoughtful and detailed. We look forward to working with her again."

Beaumont Police Department, bEAUMONT, tx

"Raey did so much work for our girls. Our non-profit serves underserved young teen girls, who are easy targets for trafficking. Raey came in and educated our girls, parents, and staff about human trafficking and it made an impact."

Cora's Daughters, fAYETTEVILLE, nc

About the Founder

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Theresa "Raey" Carswell is an anti-trafficking “coachsultant” for ​83 Elephants, LLC, dedicated to innovative strategies to ​combat human trafficking. Previously, she led the Texas ​Department of Licensing and Regulation's Anti-Trafficking Unit, ​coordinating statewide investigative inspections.

With master's degrees in public administration and public ​policy, Raey excels in navigating governmental challenges. Her ​passion extends to helping organizations optimize resources, ​enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. She's collaborated with ​over 50 law enforcement agencies and 20+ anti-trafficking ​nonprofits, earning a reputation for her thoughtful and practical ​approaches.

Raey offers a blend of advice, inspiration, and data-driven ​insights, fostering collaboration across teams and ​stakeholders. In 2017, she founded Millennial Push to educate ​low-information voters on American civics. Soon after, she ​launched 83 Elephants to address systemic issues hindering ​organizational success in anti-trafficking efforts, promoting ​smarter disruption through "coachsulting."

Raey's diverse background includes volunteering, activism, and ​roles as a U.S. Army veteran, certified chef, and professional ​truck driver. Her extensive experience underscores her ​commitment to making a lasting impact.

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To develop smarter ways to disrupt human trafficking using data, maximizing resources, and bringing more awareness to anti-trafficking professionals and communities.

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Do the hard work smartly.

Insist on doing your best.

Speak truth to power.

Respect and compassion.

Unapologetically passionate.

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